TV Detox

I was recently in Seattle caring for my Aunt.   I quickly realized that we were in silence much of the time.   The TV was never on, there was no music on and it was, dare I say, PEACEFUL.  After a couple of days of no morning CNN or my cable shows, I of course had to inquire.   It was true – she had no cable and only watched Jeopardy at 7:30p on weeknights, NCIS once a week and  Netflix (which was not working the week I was there).    A very minimal TV schedule compared to mine.

I embraced it (what else could I really do?) and I decided if I could get through a week without TV as I know it (I did watch her shows with her) it was worthy of a blog post!  So here we are.

A few benefits to my “skinny” TV schedule:
1. My mornings were quiet (not bombarded by CNN Breaking News)
2. I went to bed earlier
3. I was so much more  productive (I replaced TV with work as opposed to reading, taking a walk, etc…something to notice)
4. I cooked more
5. My Aunt and I got a chance to talk more
6. I was more relaxed

I loved my time in Seattle and when I returned home, I was determined to watch less TV.   As with any new habit, the muscle needs to be flexed.   For me, it is finding those things (other than work and working on my business) to replace the time I spend in front of TV.    Work in progress.

What would you/do you replace TV with?





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