If you read my Uniform post, you know that Fall is my favorite time of year.  Thanksgiving is the holiday that holds the most memories for me.  Since I moved to Chicago, I have spent Thanksgiving with friends.  For the past 5 or so years, I have had “friends-giving” with my dear friends Tina, Kevin, Diane, Mike and occasionally our friend Tammy!  We always made enough food for 20 people and there was never a shortage of wine.  Every year has been an adventure!


There are two thanksgiving traditions that are especially important to me that without, the food and football filled day would not be the same:

  1. “Pink Shit”
    This neon pink jello mold is mandatory for Thanksgiving if I am there!  Not everyone gives it a fair shake and most that do, LOVE IT!   It is simple to make and is a festive addition to the Thanksgiving meal!  Apparently “pink shit” is too racey for a family reunion cookbook so it is called Pink Jello Mold in the recipe below.


2. I am thankful for…
We all have something to be thankful for and what a better time to share that with your friends or loved ones then around the Thanksgiving table!  A few years ago in one of my many trips to Paper Source, I found these adorable “I am thankful for” cards and debuted them to the friends- giving clan – they were a hit!    We went around the table before dinner and shared what we were thankful for – they are now an honored guest at each Thanksgiving gathering.

How are you thankful?


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