Making Space – Week 10: Take Your Top Off!

WHAT?  No, don’t take your actual top off (unless you want to)…read on for details!

Welcome to week 10!  Can you BELIEVE we are half way there?  How was week 9?  Were you able to step off the scale and notice some different numbers?  Another number I did not mention last week is body measurements…why not track progress by your measurements?  I finished Whole30 on Tuesday and although I didn’t lose much weight, I lost inches all over!  NICE!

Below is a recap of my week and an updated chart – you might notice it is getting shorter and does not include all of the challenges I have put out there!  That’s what this is all about – making the changes that make a difference AND are sustainable.   Be honest with yourself!  If I am honest, not watching TV in bed some nights of the week is not sustainable – I don’t do it every night and why leave myself feeling defeated if I do watch a little TV in bed?   The habits I am focused on are making a difference and moving me forward!  Look at that exercise!  WHOA!  I replaced Whole30 with a WholeRunning challenge – running 10 minutes for 30 days.   This little run often leads to the gym to continue the workout or a yoga sculpt class – so far so good and it ALL counts for activity and exercise!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.07.34 PM

SO, what’s all this take your top off business?   These past 10 weeks have all been about making one small change at a time.   As I was going through my days, I started asking myself what other small changes I could make that might make a difference.   I was sitting at Starbucks, sharing a breakfast sandwich with Mike when I decided to take my top off the sandwich and just eat the bottom muffin and protein.  I didn’t miss it, Mike got an extra half muffin and everyone was happy!  Cupcakes are my FAVORITE.  “The Standard” from Hey Cupcake! here in Austin is DELICIOUS (and a bit indulgent)…one night, Mike brought a few home (ok, I asked him to!) – I decided to take my top off and just eat my favorite part – the frosting!  Again, did not miss that bottom cake like I thought I would!   Other things you can take your top of for…a sandwich, a muffin, a slice of cake…anything  really!

Where do you take your top off?  Share with us below…keep it clean ladies!


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