Making Space – Week 9: A Different Set of Numbers

Good morning!  Welcome to week 9.  This week was a weird week and it is a week when my chart below helped me see that even though it did not feel like a great week, I kept with a majority of my old habits and did pretty well at the week 8 challenge.  I did not exercise at all this week which is really rare for me and I felt it.  For me, exercise is about challenging my body and keeping my positive attitude.  I could feel my mood change each day I didn’t exercise.

Below is the recap of week 9.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.47.13 AM

Tomorrow marks the last day of Whole30!  The three things I have LOVED about Whole30 include…

1. I am definitely less obsessed about food.  Three meals a day, planned in advance, takes the obsessive guess work out of what I should and should not eat.

2. I am sleeping better and I am much less congested

3. I LOVED not weighing myself.  It was so nice to focus on other benefits of eating healthy and exercise other than a number on a scale.  I will weigh myself on Wednesday to conclude my Whole30 and I will weigh myself at the end of Making Space to share the final results of my 30 pound goal.   Other than that, I will use a favorite pair of jeans and how I feel to track my progress.

So that brings us to Week 9 – A Different Set of Numbers –  which is not a challenge but rather a concept to consider.  I had my annual physical last week and when the doctor went over my stats and blood work, I was so excited to learn how HEALTHY I am.  Blood pressure 98/64, Cholesterol 79 (normal is 130) and so on…I have spent my whole life focusing on a number on the scale and in reality, I have all of these other great numbers to focus on which is something to celebrate !  My body will change if I focus on keeping it healthy!

Some other numbers to focus on could be a shrinking pant or dress size, number of fruits and veggies you eat in a day or the number of times you exercise in a week!

So this week, I encourage you first to make an appointment for your annual exam if you have not done that in a few years and second, celebrate other numbers, not just the number on the scale!

What numbers will you celebrate?  Share with us below in the comments section.