Making Space – Week 6: What We Rely On

Welcome to week 6!  I had a love/not so love relationship with last week.  I successfully completed my first week of Whole30.  It went well and I had a pretty big insight which inspired this week’s post!

Tales from the scale:  Not weighing until Whole30 is complete!

Overview of my week 5 – I thought I would give you all a bunch of green being that it is almost St. Patty’s Day!

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.15.40 PM

So what do I rely on?

This big, tall, deliciousness has been my morning buddy for as long as I can remember.  The ritual of placing my order, having the barista know my name (oh, is that because its on the back of the cup?), unwrapping the big green straw and taking that first sweet sip has become the signal that today is going to be a great day.


When I decided to do Whole30, I gotta be honest, this drink was one of the main “reasons” why it might not be for me.   What will my mornings and my days be like without this tall drink of yum?  That my friends is what you call an unhealthy relationship with a beverage.   I remember feeling the same way when I gave up Diet Coke over 4 years ago.   I might have shed a tear just knowing that life would not be the same without that silver can with each meal.  It is called grieving and I definitely went through it.   Today,  I don’t miss Diet Coke one bit and I am not at all tempted by it.


I am not publicly claiming that I am giving up my Starbucks drink, but I will tell you after 30 days without (I am on day 7, but who’s counting!), I will as my friend Sarah so gently pointed out, not let this drink have so much power over me.  It’s about getting to a point, where I can have it, enjoy it and not need it to have a great day.

What do you rely on?  Tell us what and how you have overcome it (or plan to)!


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