Making Space – Week 4: Weekend Warrior

Well, I gotta say, I am learning a lot about myself!  I probably knew most of this and until I started really paying attention, it wasn’t going to change.  Although going up may not seem motivating it is a testament to consistency – I have been inconsistent and  these are the results.  That’s all.

Tales from the scale:   Up 1.2

Below is a recap of my week 3.   Last week I mentioned the two places/times  where I am especially vulnerable are my desk at work and coming home after work.  I really tackled the desk this week and it was amazing how different I thought about food when I was not using it to avoid something else.  It was a busy week at work and I wasn’t willing to step away from my work unless I was really hungry since the process of getting my lunch, warming it up, finding a place to sit and eating undistracted takes a lot more uninterrupted time than just bringing lunch back to my desk.  I actually sat outside in the sun each day and it was awesome (remember, I live in Texas so this is possible in February!).   The most amazing part was that when nothing was distracting me and it was just me and the food, I noticed I was full much earlier than I would normally. I actually forwent eating the grapes I brought  as I was not hungry.  WHAT?  Just sayin’, that would not have happened if I was at my desk!    I am still conscious about my actions when I come home at night and yes, I sat at a table to eat – full disclosure the TV was on.  I will focus on that in the coming weeks.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 4.17.02 PM

SO, that brings us to Week 4!

We are going for the compound effect;  small changes, maintained week after week, will lead to big change!  (P.S. this doesn’t mean every week will be perfect)

WEEK 4 CHALLENGE:  Weekend Warrior

I will maintain all habits Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays!

You might notice from my tracking chart that I apparently think that the weekends are a free for all and none of my healthy habits are relevant.  I remember a dietician telling me that watching your intake during the week and letting it all go on the weekends is a form of weight maintenance, not weight loss.  Well, I am not at weight maintenance YET!

You will be seeing green over the weekend when you see my chart next week – just in time for St. Patty’s day!

What will make you a weekend warrior?

Share with us in the comments below!


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