Making Space – Week 3: Step Away from the Desk!

Welcome to week 3!

Weight loss or not, I hope you are becoming more aware of what drives some of your behaviors – I sure am!

Tales from the scale:   Up .2

Below is a recap of my week 2.   It was a challenging week.  I was acutely aware of how the flow of my day is tied to the next meal and how I rely on food to relax.  For me, there are two places/times  where I am especially vulnerable – my desk at work and coming home after work.

It was my birthday weekend and I had girlfriends in town.  I did not plan on how to manage staying consistent with my habits during a weekend that was different from most and therefore did not maintain consistency.  Something to notice.

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We are going for the compound effect;  small changes, maintained week after week, will lead to big change!  (P.S. this doesn’t mean every week will be perfect)

WEEK 2 CHALLENGE:  Step Away from the Desk! (insert your place of vulnerability!)

Each time I eat, I will eat at a table, without computer, phone or TV.
Like many of you, I spend a good amount of my hours at work.  I love my desk and somehow it has become my work space and my meal space.   My daily schedule is fairly predictable and eating at my desk is just as predictable.  As talked about last week, I often feel the urge for lunch or a snack when that is not what I need.  Almost always I will grab food and come back to my desk – I work and eat which means I don’t pay much attention to what I am eating, if I am still hungry or maybe full.
I wonder if food will have the same draw if I am eating it while sitting at a table without any distractions?
This week, when I am hungry, I will take my food, sit down at a table and eat – just me and the food.

Where are your areas of vulnerability and how will you tackle it this week?

Share with us in the comments below!


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