Making Space – Week 2: What Do You Really Need?

How was week 1?

Tales from the scale:    No change this week!

Below is a recap of my week.  I will tell you this, being accountable to all of you was sure a motivation to be consistent with my morning ritual while traveling last week.  Thank you!

You will see that focusing on my physical hunger, eating exactly what I want and only a small amount of food is where I struggled.  I was aware each time I sat down to eat and I did not always make the right choice but I was aware and that counts!   I have another week of practice in front of me and so do you if there was an area you struggled this week.

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Remember…we are going for the compound effect;  small changes, maintained week after week, will lead to big change!

WEEK 2 CHALLENGE:  What Do You Really Need?

Each time you want to eat, ask yourself what you really need?  Write it down and if it is not food, and you are in a position to give yourself what you really need, do that!
I eat when I am not hungry.  Often.  I will be sitting at my desk only a couple of hours after lunch, working on something that bores me or is a bit challenging and my mind will turn to food.  “I want something salty”, “I didn’t eat that much for lunch, some fruit would be good”, “there isn’t cake here everyday so I should have some” – you get the point!   I KNOW that if I asked myself what I really needed, 98% of the time, it would not be food.  What I really need is to get through the task, get through the project,  take a mental break by going to sit outside.
If I am honest with myself, I know that eating the salty snack, the fruit or the cake will  only delay what I really need by 5 minutes and then I am back where I was AND my pants feel tight.  Um, no thank you!
This week, each time I want to eat, I will ask myself what I really need, will right it down and will give myself exactly what I need!
Want more?
Writing your goals down is really important!  If you are not clear about your short and long term goals, I suggest writing those down and taking a look at them each morning!   If you want some examples, please take a look at Week 1.

What did you really need this week? This could get interesting!

Share with us in the comments below!


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