Making Space – Week 17: Cocoon


We have all heard (at nauseum) that sleep is the key to everything – including weight loss!                   OK… I get it (and I actually agree).  I love my sleep and I am not one of those that can sleep anywhere. Ugh!

Mike was in the military and he can literally fall asleep under any conditions – bright light, noise, dogs licking his arm – literally any conditions!  I can sleep by a pool or beach after a couple of cocktails and that is not the quality sleep needed to provide the energy I want to have in my daily life!   I don’t want to just “make it” through my days, I want to really “live” my days!

This is where the cocoon comes in.  I liken my bedroom at night to a cocoon and I spend the extra few minutes every night to create it.   Here’s how the cocoon comes to life:

  1. Turn the air down to 67 (this is not a magical number, choose what works for you)
  2. Pull down blackout shades (outsource putting these up!)
  3. Blackout any lights in the room (I use black electrical tape over the cable box lights and the smoke detector light)
  4. Put in my ear plugs
  5. Put on my sleep mask (why do I care if its dark in the room if I have a sleep mask on? Sometimes the sleep mask comes off!)
  6. Take a Gabba pill – a non-prescription, all natural pill designed to slow your brain down (I am not advocating this, I am sharing what I do)
  7. Spray my pillow with lavender oil

WHEW!  After all that, I should be ready to sleep and I am!  I fall asleep immediately!

Good thing its a cocoon because I sure don’t look cute but I sure do wake up like a well rested butterfly ready to fly through her day (too much?  you get the point!)

The cocoon definitely helps me get my zzz’s and I highly recommend creating your own tonight!

How will  you create your cocoon?  Tell us in the comments below!


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