Making Space – Week 16: Choose Your Hard!

Ready for a little reality check? Nothing more fun on a Monday morning!

Life is hard. Anything worth having in your life is going to be hard. Personally, I don’t love this concept and I have come to accept it. Things seem just a little easier when you finally accept it (apparently, I will do anything to make things easier :o).

Making Space is about creating more space in your life. Having weight not be an every day conversation in my head will “Make Space” in my mind and body and allow me to focus on all of the wonderful things that are my life. This is a choice and that has become glaringly obvious over the past 15 weeks. I have made some awesome changes and I have not changed everything. For those things that have not changed (my weight), I have to ask myself, do I REALLY want it to change? My first instinct is to scream YES and then the choices I make don’t align with that. Hmmmm?
Here’s where the reality check comes in…

Losing the weight might be hard. Not losing the weight and living exactly how I am for the next (insert number) years is also hard (I would say harder!)

Not eating sugar is hard. Having no energy is also hard.

Not buying those cute shoes is hard. Living in debt is also hard.

Exercising is hard. Living in an unhealthy body is also hard.

Ending a relationship with someone is hard. Living in an unsatisfying relationship is also hard.


So, there it is. We still get to choose (yay!) and if things aren’t going the way you would like, take a look at what “hard” you are choosing!

What is hard for you? Is the alternative harder? Probably. Tell us below in the comments!


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