Making Space: Week 15 – Focus on the Feeling

  1. an emotional state or reaction.
    “a feeling of joy”
How do you feel?
Happy? Sad? Sleepy? Wide awake? Bloated?  Thin?  Irritated?  Elated?  Frantic?  Calm?
Feelings are so powerful, they drive so much of what we do!  I am an expert by way of being Julie Lehnis for my time here on earth.  As a child, I was a sponge.  I had my own feelings and then I would absorb those of who or what was going on around me.  I grew up with parents who encouraged the expression of feelings (I’m sure they regretted that strategy when I was in high school) and I have maintained my strong sense of feeling as an adult.  Its a blessing and a curse and for me  it is about managing those feelings in a constructive way.  When I am feeling frustrated, finding the root and not taking it out on the person closest to me (usually Mike), when I am feeling sad, not turning to the comfort of wine or cake and when I am excited, relishing in the thing that caused the excitement and not having to make it a food event.
Geneen Roth explains this concept in her book Women, Food & God – I am paraphrasing here… When a hard feeling comes up –  feel it, don’t try to fix it, or quiet it.  The truth is, after you have eaten the donut or drank the bottle of wine, the feeling will still be there and now there is the added guilt, sadness or frustration for having eaten or drank the thing you thought would take that feeling away.  We’ve all done it and we may all do it again and being aware is the key to changing this behavior.
Notice your feelings and honor them by really feeling them.  They will pass, they always do and you will feel so strong, so in control and so proud of yourself for not giving in to the falsity of that food, beverage or activity that you think will quiet them.
This week, join me in noticing just one feeling a day- give it the respect it deserves and let it pass.
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