Making Space – Week 14: Dominos


Have you ever had a week (or a day) when something happens at the beginning that leads to a domino effect?  Oh boy, was last week one of those for me!

We got home late on Sunday night from a wonderful weekend visiting my Dad.  Something I know about myself is that I need prep time for the week!  I like getting my clothes ready for the week (see Sunday Suit Up post), I like getting my lunches ready for the week and  I like exercising first thing on Monday – well, NONE of that happened on Sunday or Monday and I let it derail me.

I didn’t get enough sleep, I was not exercising, I drank wine most nights and although I didn’t eat horribly, I definitely wasn’t as particular about what I put in my body.   Not only did I not feel good, I wasn’t very nice to Mike, I was easily irritated at work and I was not as productive as I usually am.  Super fun to be around!

Friday night, which should be a fun evening, was spent frustrated, feeling “puffy” and exhausted.  As I laid on the couch,  I decided that I never want to feel like that again.  It is not living, it is surviving and God did not put me not this earth to just survive.

Where I could have made some grand declarations about what I was going to different this week, I decided not to.  I know what to do – we have been talking about it for the past 12 weeks.   I will set my days up for the reverse domino effect,  imagine a slow mo video of the dominos standing back up after falling down.  Every choice I make will be about feeling my best, having a great day, being very productive, honoring everyone I talk to and LIVING my best life.

Its not realistic to think that I won’t ever have another domino moment and when I do, I have a choice (if you think about, choice is AMAZING, it is like an instant do-over).  If your dominos fall in the morning, you don’t have to wait until the next day to reverse.   Pick them up and start again in the moment or the next hour.  You CHOOSE how long your dominos stay fallen.

How do you reverse the domino effect?  Tell us in the comments below!