Making Space – Week 13: Girl Power!

I am a private person.  Maybe its because I was an only child growing up and didn’t have that daily confidant to share everything with.   I keep many things to myself and sometimes that keeps me from getting close to people.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with a wonderful friends.  The women I came to call my family in Chicago, really get me, and call me out on my tendency to be private and not share.      I love that and hate that.  A couple of years ago, two of my friends and I started a weekly call – we call ourselves the Wolf Women (after the wolf pack in The Hangover – see hilarious clip here).  Every week we share our goals, our dreams, our successes and our trials – kinda hard to keep things to myself.  We have all made such tremendous strides in our life.  All in different ways, and all very powerful.

Many of you have also heard me talk about my Whole30 journey, this is another time, that I had two close friends supporting me.  We texted almost every day and I knew if I had a weak moment, they would be there.   Thank you A&T!

There are tradeoffs.  You keep things to yourself and you don’t have to be accountable – not much progress is made here.  You can tell people what you are up to and ask for their support and all of sudden there is a level of accountability. The bonus in sharing/asking for support is the closeness that can be gained through sharing an experience, a goal or a success with people.  Everyone can relate and that builds relationship.

This blog has been a real stretch for me and it has been an experiment in trusting that sharing with a larger group of people (some I know, some I don’t) will contribute both to your lives and to mine.  Each week has been a different challenge or concept and I thought it was time to mention that one constant has been the incredible support system I have in my friends and all of you that read The Paper Doll Post.   That is true Girl Power!


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