Making Space – Week 12: Don’t be Rigid

Well, week 11 challenge was not such a success for me.  Abstaining is a big deal and should not be taken lightly.  It is a big change and I was not mentally prepared.  The entire week was a weird one, with a work trip at the front end and the back end.  I was not in my routine and I did not feel settled which is the perfect recipe for the comfort of my Starbucks drink.

Below is a recap of my week – it definitely was not all bad.  Maybe a I should take a page from my “micro-goals” and “mini-habit” work and start by focusing on abstaining from sugar just 2 days this week?  That sounds doable.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 4.12.10 PM

This week I want to spend a little time focusing on the good and not being rigid.  I am rigid.  I don’t love that and as much as I try to work on it, it is part of who I am.  I like things a certain way, if they aren’t, I get irritated and disappointed and sometimes “blamey” (my word for blaming whomever might have been involved). Sound fun to be around?    I can be very go with the flow in certain situations, like vacationing with friends, I typically don’t care if plans change on the fly.  My rigidness comes when I feel like I have failed at something or when I have a set plan in my head and it changes.

This week I felt the irritation and disappointment, especially on day one as I was drinking my Starbucks drink.  I can’t even do this on day 1?   Why did I promise I would do this?   I was being rigid in noticing only that I was not doing and not  what I WAS doing.  I did exercise every day, I did work on my business every day, I did take my vitamin and probiotic every day and I did eat three meals a day, no snacking.  That’s a lot of good and I may have felt different this week had I focused on what I was doing instead of what I wasn’t!

Whether you are rigid or not, we all have some way of self-sabotaging ourselves even when we are doing good.  Stop it!   This coming week, I am going to be a little less rigid and a little more patient and kind with myself especially when things don’t go how I may have planned!

What’s your rigid?  Tell us in the comments below!