Making Space – Week 1: Consistency

So glad you are joining me on this journey.  Here is how its going to go…

Each Monday, I will post a challenge for the week – try it on for a week and see if it makes a positive difference for you.  If yes, keep it up while you take on the next week’s challenge.  If not, try something else and join us the next week.

We are going for the compound effect, small changes, maintained week after week, will lead to big change.

I will post my success at the scale as well as a few words on how the previous week’s challenge went!


Choose a healthy habit to be consistent with for the next 7 days.
I travel a lot for work and I find that I don’t maintain my morning ritual when I travel or on the weekends when I need it most!  My morning ritual consists of 8 minutes of sitting quiet (AKA meditation – except when I call it meditation, it is never as peaceful as I feel like I am doing it wrong!) and taking my multi-vitamin, probiotic and daily dose of Emergen-C.
This week, I will maintain consistency with my morning ritual while I am in California and over the weekend.
Many of the challenges have nothing to do with food or exercise – WHAT?  If you find yourself asking, what about the food?  What about the exercise? Rest assured…

There IS a foundation to all of this.  A SIMPLE foundation,  since, for me,  long term success is only really possible if what I am doing fits into my real life!

Julie’s Foundations (feel free to choose your own)
1. I will be tracking my food, for now, on the LoseIt app
2. I will focus on my hunger, eating only when I am physically hungry and eating exactly what I want and only a small amount of food at a time.
3. Some form of movement a few times a week

Want more?
Writing your goals down is really important!  If you are not clear about your short and long term goals, I suggest writing those down and taking a look at them each morning!

Here’s an example…

Weekly Goals
I will follow my morning ritual each day February 8 – February 14
I will weigh XXX lb on Monday, February 15 (set a goal for each week)

Monthly Goals
I will weigh XXX lb on the last day of February (set a goal for each month)

Long Term Goals
I will weigh XXX lb on June 24 when I leave for my family reunion (exactly 20 weeks from today)

What will you be consistent with this week?  Share with us in the comments below!


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