Making Space – Week 5: I Don’t Want To… and Reset!

How was week 4?  Are you learning about yourself?  Are you forming new habits?

Tales from the scale: Down 2 pounds

This was not my best week.  I left early Monday morning for a work trip and each time my habits came up, I had a mini tantrum in my head…”I don’t want to”, “I don’t want to listen to my body”, “I don’t want to exercise”, “I don’t want to sit quietly this morning”, all in the whiny voice of a 5 year old!  I am sure I was delightful to be around.

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Even during my tantrums, I was able to recognize that something was going on.  I was feeling overwhelmed by all of the things I was supposed to remember on a daily basis around food and body.  I reminded myself what The Paper Doll Post is all about – trying things on!  If you try something on and it is serving you, keep it up and if it is not serving you, do something else.

So, it was time to RESET!  In addition to the recap of last week above,  I have included an updated list of habits.   Regarding the reference to Whole30.   I am starting the Whole30 program today in hopes of finding the foods that are causing my headaches, stuffy nose and lack of energy!   On this program, they ask that you not track calories or weigh yourself so I will not be tracking in LoseIt and won’t be weighing again until April!

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It is ok to have weeks like this, we are human and as long as you pay attention to why you are feeling the way you are feeling, you can reset and get back to it!

How do you reset?


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