Making Space – Week 7: Brush Your Teeth!

Welcome to week 7!   I had a good week and hope you did too.  Whole30 is getting easier and I am starting to feel some of the benefits I was looking for.  More energy, nose not as stuffy and the headaches are less and less.  Side benefit is that because I am eating three meals a day and not focused on counting calories, the obsession around food has really dissipated.

Tales from the scale:  Not weighing until Whole30 is complete!

Overview of my week 6 – it looks like I have decided that I am not going to sit quietly for 8 minutes on the weekends.  Ok then!

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I am traveling and thought we could also use a short and easy one this week!

I love flossing and brushing  my teeth.  I love being a star at the dentist.

Through the years of focusing on my weight, I have tried many things.  I am not sure where exactly I heard this suggestion and I remember that when I did, I was elated as this one would be easy for me!  In a lifelong struggle with weight, to say something would be easy was truly a big deal!

The suggestion was to brush your teeth after each meal to signify the end of the meal.  I started immediately and have never stopped.  Some think it is weird that I brush my teeth in the bathroom at work.  I don’t.  I brush my teeth after every meal.  It is also a chance to reapply lip gloss and touch up your face if you so desire.  Dual benefit of looking fresh throughout the day.

Do you brush your teeth after every meal?  Do you have another ritual to signify the end of a meal?  Share with us in the comments below!


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