Making Space – Week 19: You Know Exactly What to Do!

We are smart women and everyone has times when they doubt themselves. We think that everyone else has the answer, how could we possibly have the answer if I am not where I want to be? I am a person who loves personal and professional development. I used to go through phases where I would be reading a book or two, taking a seminar and trying to ramp up all of my learnings at one time. Exhausting. There is a difference between self development to learn and grow and self development to fix something. Those phases were exhausting for me because I was trying to fix something.

I have spent 20 year of my life trying to learn how to lose weight. Of course I lost weight, and I gained weight, I felt elated and I felt frustrated – over and over and over. The metaphorical hamster wheel. Talk about exhausting.

The thing is, I know exactly what to do. I don’t need another book, I don’t need another diet and I don’t need someone to tell me what I need to do. We spend so much time trying to figure out the best way to lose weight and the truth is, it is simple. Eat when your body is hungry, stop when your satisfied and move. Just because something is simple, does not mean it is easy. There is a lot of psychological junk that comes with body image and losing weight or just accepting your body for the strong, beautiful machine that it is!

Let me be clear, I do not have it all figured out. What I do have figured out is that there is no magic way to get there. If this magic existed, we would all be at our perfect weight and would not obsess about every bite we take. We are smart women. We know exactly what to do. We may choose to listen to our bodies or we may not. It is a choice. I would challenge you (as I challenge myself) to stop looking outside yourself for the answer. Your body tells you exactly what it needs, if you will just listen. Learning to listen to your body after years of dieting is a skill that needs to be re-developed (you had it is a child). I highly recommend the book Intuitive Eating if you are interested in relearning this skill. This would be self-development to re-learn, not to fix anything.

What if this week, you just focused on learning what it feels like to be physically hungry? That’s it. Untangling the feeling of physical hunger from emotional hunger can be challenging if you have been on diets for years and IT IS POSSIBLE. It takes paying attention and being interested in listening to what your body is telling you. Its kind of fascinating! For me, physical hunger comes in the form of a headache. It usually takes just a few bites of food to alleviate that headache (which can be annoying if you are also wanting to feed an emotional hunger).

Next week marks the last week of the making space series. We will recap the past 20 weeks and I will conclude this part of my journey which is ending very differently than what I declared during my introduction of Making Space. Stay tuned!

What does it feel like when you are physically hungry? Please share in the comments below!