Dirty Hair

I used to wash my hair every day.  I didn’t feel clean unless the shower included washing my hair.     With my focus on productivity, I am obsessed with finding ways to shave time off any task, ESPECIALLY those things I do daily!

My friend Jenne’s hair always looks awesome and so of course I inquired.  She gets her hair washed and blown on Sundays and swares by dry shampoo to get her through the rest of the week.   Too extreme for me and I was willing to give dry shampoo a shot.

I picked up a bottle of Oribe Texturizing Spray at Blue Mercury, a popular skincare, makeup and day spa and I LOVE IT!  It smells amazing and does exactly what it says it will do.  I can come home from the gym with sweaty hair,  spray in my texturizing spray, take a quick shower (not getting hair wet) and then blow dry and style as usual.   My hair feels thicker, has so much volume and did I say it smells awesome?


Best-selling dry texturizing spray is a staple for creating bigger, better and full-on glamorous hair. The invisible dry spray builds volume and absorbs oil, while creating sultry texture and lift with incredible style. Formulated without parabens or sodium chloride, the texturizing spray also provides UV protection for hair, and is color and kertain treatment safe.


Builds volume and absorbs oil, while adding texture and lift. Perfect for creating glamorous hair at any time.

One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Courtney Kerr, did a dry shampoo roundup blog that provides a few other products as well as her favorite ways to style dirty hair!  Check it out!

What do you do with dirty hair (besides wash it :o)?


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