I moved to Austin a little over two years ago.   I’m not gunna lie, between work travel, Mike, and Julie time, it has been challenging to make new friends.   I left 15 years of friendships in Chicago – they are of course all still my friends and I miss the girls dinners, Cabi parties and wine night at someones home.  I miss my community.

1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals
As I go about my life in Austin, I have started noticing that community doesn’t just need to be friends in close proximity.  I was at a yoga sculpt class at Core Power this last week and as I looked around the room at all of the girls just like me, wearing Lululemon, bun on top of our heads and loving the workout, I felt a sense of community.  I am like these girls.  We may not know each other and we have some things in common.
When I  notice women wearing Kendra Scott earrings, I instantly feel this little connection.   I have them too, I love them and I feel part (even if silently) of a community of stylish women that appreciate an Austin based entrepreneur who has built an empire around adorning us with jewels.  You may feel this way when you see someone driving the car you have or walking the breed of dog you have?
Community really came to light for me when we found out that one of my Aunts has leukemia.   I went to Seattle to care for her and experienced what people do when people they love are in need.  Her friends created a meal schedule, our family is scheduling weeks of caregiving and people are donating money.   It reminded me that it truly does take a village (or community) and I am honored to be part of this village.
Who’s your community?

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